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Meet the New Face of Internet Marketing

Debby Major

Debby Major - Internet Marketing and Social Media Ho

Debby Major aka “GoDebby” and “RojamDz“, is a creative webmaster and web designer currently located in Owings Mills, MD. She is passionate about partnering with clients so that they grow their businesses and brands by developing creative solutions for every need.

As a webmaster she was responsible for designing, developing, marketing, and maintaining websites.

As a web designer she was responsible for the graphic design, art, and layout of a website on the Internet.

Throughout the process of servicing her clients she learned how to market her clients through Google Adwords, Facebook, Twitter and other social mediums. She has placed a high level of importance on content, usability, appearance, and structure.

Now she is returning back to school, Full Sail University, to get her B.S. degree in Internet Marketing. While concentrating on her studies she is navigating through the Social Media circuit networking and sharing her journey. Ultimately she will pursue her Masters. In the meantime she is taking one day at a time until she meets that great opportunity.

Concentrated Areas of Expertise:

  • Advertising Manager
  • Market Analyst
  • Marketing Manager/Director
  • Online Visibility Specialist
  • Pay Per Click Specialist
  • Product/Brand Manager
  • Public Relations Specialist/Director
  • Search Analyst
  • Web Analytics Analyst
  • Web Content Developer

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