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Pigeon by GoDebby
Pigeon, a photo by GoDebby on Flickr.

I want to see LOVE!

I want to see LOVE! by GoDebby
I want to see LOVE!, a photo by GoDebby on Flickr.

Internet Marketing and Social MediaTrends


Today I went to Simply Hired to look at the hiring trends of Internet Marketing. The graph below shows the percentage of the term “Internet Marketing” anywhere in the job listing. This is pretty impressive. It is even more reasons why I have chosen to study at Full Sail University for my Internet Marketing degree.

Internet Marketing Trends

Since November 2009, the following has occurred:

Internet Marketing jobs increased 183%

Social Media Trends

Since November 2009, the following has occurred:

Quality over Quantity

Empire Avenue

Today is my third day on Empire Avenue. I admit the first day I was clueless. In fact I was given the link to go visit and I simply bookmarked it. I later returned to auto-logging in with my Facebook account. So that made joining very simple and easy. I was inside very quickly. I am not the stock genius, however I know that this was going to take some patience and plenty of reading. It was pretty easy linking myself to the other social media links such as Facebook Fanpage, Twitter, Flickr, Youtube, LinkedIn, Foursquare, and WordPress. That too me was the easy part.

Now What?

Join Communities, List Interest, and Build A Portfolio. In between my class studies, I easily saw myself captured and ready to begin. I honestly can not remember who I invested in first and how much. I know I began to get click happy as I noticed clicks earn me more revenue from the achievements I would receive. Wow I like this. The Facebook and Twitter auto shout outs and others buying stocks from me was building friendships with others. However what makes the friendships different for me were that they were people who basically have the same interest as me. Even though I listed over 50 to get me another achievement award, the main interest of Social Media, Technology, Internet Marketing, Web Development, Photography and so on.  I am now attracting quality friendships instead of quantity you get from other online games. I will not mention games like Zynga’s Mafia Wars or Farmville. Well it seems as if I already have. Well since I have brought it up, I should explain that I soon became bored with them. They were actually taking me away from my main online objectives. I soon had to delete them and block friends who wish me to play from inviting me. I am a GameHead, I am not knocking games at all. It is just that they are just not for me, right now. Especially while I am back in school with my studies.

Quality over Quantity

Now that I have been introduced to Empire Avenue , I am hooked. It is not just a game. It is actually teaching me about stocks and investments. I am now my own IPO. People are investing into me and my online activities. I am investing in others as well. The ROI is networking with others who share some of the same interest as myself. I am being referred by others to now follow me. I too am following them as well. We are exchanging conversations about topics and issues that we are passionate about. We are also getting the thrill of seeing our values rise and sometimes fall. So far my stock is rising.

I am now able to create quality networks and exchange links with other website owners in my industry. I recognize this as a true peer-to-peer networking system. One person I have connected with is a writer. She has openly offered her expertise advices free of charge to anyone within our group. To see the conversations, I knew I was in the right place. I also knew this was far more than just a game. How cool is that? I thought to myself, now that is networking with real value. I feel like I am standing around the water cooler with some really impressive professionals in the industry. That right there improves my personal net worth.

The little shout out of encouragement during the day is a nice boost of confidence. One person said, “okay now is time to set up your blog.” That is why I have taken the time out to make sure I did just that. Many are chasing social networks trying to gather mass quantities of people to follow them without a careful thought or plan. I have been trying for months to disconnect from a avatar I had created so I could Brand the real life me. I did not want necessarily to change the fact that I am social no matter which image an audience sees. I wanted to embark on the bigger picture of what I am good at. The first steps are being good at promoting me. I have always loved being behind the scenes.

Well I am going to log out for now and get back to my studies. What am I studying? Internet Marketing at Full Sail University. It keeps me busy and I am absolutely loving it.

Until next time…

Namaste – GoDebby aka @RojamDz

Empire Avenue is the Social Stock Market where your actions and content online are valued for engagement and social interaction into a share price. Anyone can invest virtual currency in your online profile and help you reach new heights of virtual wealth and status. Discover people and brands based on their online social value around the world!